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Supreme Court Should Nix Obamacare Subsidies, Instigate Reform

The Supreme Court could improve American health care by striking down federal subsidies offered through federal exchange that sells insurance in states without government-run marketplaces. Most Americans never wanted the Affordable Care Act. A recent Gallop poll found 56 percent disapprove of the law, and more than 30 states either have not set up [...]

Five things to Know about the Fed Raising Interest Rates

Since 2008, the Federal Reserve has been giving banks virtually free money by keeping their short term borrowing rates near zero. This week, Chairwoman Yellen indicated the Fed is getting even more optimistic about the economy and inflation and further indicated it will end that policy as early as July. The Fed will likely act [...]

Moderate Muslims, Obama Failing to Fight Terrorist

Fighting racism, prejudice and the violence those can beget is everyone’s job. Muslims would do well to respond to President Obama’s invitation to combat extremist ideas in their communities, but too often Washington’s broader policies toward minorities encourage just the opposite. Ideologies of love and hate have a lot in common. Those appeal to youth [...]

Congress Shouldn’t Trust Obama to Negotiate Trade Deals

Free trade is undermining American prosperity, and Congress should deny President Obama authority to negotiate new deals in Asia and with the European Union. Reducing tariffs and other barriers to international commerce should increase both imports and exports, and move Americans from lower wage jobs, such as assembling iPhones, to higher paying employment, such as [...]

Greek Default Will Discredit Angela Merkel

Greece will soon default on its sovereign debt and mercifully, loosen Germany’s grip on European economic policy. Greece owes €240 billion ($272) billion. In 2011, a bailout imposed a haircut on private creditors and shifted most of Greece’s sovereign debt to the Troika-European Union member governments (principally Germany and France), the International Monetary Fund and [...]

Greek Revolt Long Overdue

Germany has been sacking Greece and other Mediterranean economies for years, and the Hellenic revolt against austerity is overdue. When the euro was established in 1999, prices were translated from the mark, drachma and other currencies into euro at prevailing exchange rates. National prices reflected differences in labor costs and efficiency across countries, but owing [...]

As Economy Slows, Fewer New Jobs

The economy added 257,000 jobs in December, down significantly from the 324,000 fourth quarter average monthly gain. Overall, the economy is creating jobs but lower oil prices and a strong dollar are slowing the pace. Unemployment rose a notch to 5.7 percent, but that understates the jobless problem, because so many fewer adults are active [...]

Obama’s Corporate Tax Raid Would Subsidize Unions, Victimize the Elderly

Posturing as champion of needed public investments and fairness, President Obama wants new taxes on the overseas earnings of American businesses. That would kill jobs and punish retired Americans. Although special deals permit some corporations to pay low taxes, most pay a heavy burden. The estimated effective U.S. corporate tax rate is about 27 percent, [...]

Getting the Couch Potatoes Back to Work

In 2014, GDP growth bounced back in the spring and summer from a tough winter but in the fourth quarter, fell off to 2.6 percent. History indicates the country should be doing a lot better-simply, too many prime working age Americans are despondent and have permanently dropped out of the workforce. After a deep recession, [...]

Now Greeks Should Dump the Euro

By electing Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras to be premier, Greeks voted to end the draconian economic measures imposed by Germany and other international lenders. After the dust settles, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will either backpedal on the austerity imposed on Athens or accept Greece’s exit from the euro. When the single currency was established in [...]

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