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The Terrible Cost of Demagoguery

President Obama’s justification for nixing the Keystone Pipeline was yet another example of Oval Office demagoguery-a destructive impulse also rampant among those vying to succeed him. Instead of intelligent debate on the challenges facing the nation, voters are subjected to half-truths and non-truths-theocratic nonsense that begets policies denying Americans a more hopeful future. The pipeline […]

Another Disappointing Jobs Report and More White House Disinformation

Friday, the Labor Department will issue another mediocre jobs report-private forecasters estimate 190,000 jobs were created in October-well below the 260,000 averaged in 2014. The White House will tout the economy is doing quite well-proclaiming 61 consecutive months of jobs creation-and liberal commentators like New York Times columnist and CNBC analyst John Harwood may offer […]

Troubles at Wal-Mart, IBM and the New American Century

With Wal-Mart sales and profits falling, pundits are asking if the economy is again headed down. Hardly, like IBM and other business icons in trouble, the Arkansas retailer is simply being squeezed by better competitors-and mostly Americans-who herald a new age of American innovation. Wal-Mart’s recipe for success was simple. Through a detailed knowledge of […]

Inflation Is Higher than You Think and Fed Should Raise Rates Now

The Federal Reserve should raise interest rates, because inflationary pressures are greater than most policymakers admit and the economy is nearing full employment. Seniors won’t get a boost in their social security checks this year because consumer prices for urban wage earners-the measure the government uses to adjust those payments-fell from the third quarter of […]

Putin’s Airstrikes in Syria Undermine NATO, Destabilize Middle East

President Putin’s decision to deploy aircraft in Syria and bomb opponents of President Assad may be “a recipe for disaster” as President Obama asserts, but it neatly exploits U.S. and western European vulnerabilities in the region. And it gives Russia leverage to undermine NATO and destabilize the oil-rich Middle East. Russia’s commitment-32 planes, 16 helicopters, […]

Federal Reserve Rate Hike in Play for December

The recently slower pace of jobs creation likely takes an interest rate hike off the table when Federal policymakers met in October but a move is still in play for December. In August and September payroll gains averaged only 139,000 but that likely had much to do with a recent surge in worker productivity. Jobs […]

Jobs Report Should Cock Trigger for Fed Rate Increase

The Labor Department is expected to report Friday that the economy added 203,000 jobs in September, and that should further support Federal Reserve plans to raise interest rates before the end of this year. Bouncing back from a harsh winter, GDP grew at a 3.9 percent annual rate in the second quarter. The balance of […]

Refugee Crisis Lays Bare EU Dysfunctions, Cultural Silos

The millions of refugees pouring into Europe should prove a boon to its slow growing economies. However, with unemployment so high in austerity burdened Mediterranean states, German eagerness to fill jobs with Syrians and other refugees is an indictment of the EU’s dysfunctional economy and cultural rigidities. Numerous economic studies show immigrants boost growth when […]

Republicans Must Change to Win

Presidential campaigns are supposed to be about America, or at least what voters want-not Donald Trump’s and Ben Carson’s clumsy statements and political correctness. Hillary Clinton, even with her integrity impugned, beats GOP hopefuls in head to head polls, because she addresses issues voters care about. Jobs, fairness, education, health care, and equality! Republicans instead […]

Five Things to Know About the Fed Raising Interest Rates

Since 2008, the Federal Reserve has kept the federal funds rate-the banks’ overnight borrowing rate-near zero. Now more confident about prospects for growth and inflation, policymakers are preparing to raise those short-term rates-perhaps at the conclusion of their two day meeting on Thursday or later this year. Higher borrowing costs for banks can cause mortgage […]

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