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Euro`s Recent Strength – Above Expectations

Euro/USD traded briefly above 1.3300 today. The recent strength of the Euro versus USD took me by surprise. I was looking for 1.3180 to 1.3200 as the top for Euro/USD for the rest of this year. I am attributing the latest rally to the thin markets in December given that the move was exaggerated. Resistance […]

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ECB – Hinting Further Rate Cuts

Euro/USD came off sharply in early New York session on Draghi’s comment. The ECB lowered the growth and inflation forecast for 2013, strongly hinting further rate cut to come in the Euro zone. Euro/USD is testing the 1.2950 support at the time of this article; stronger support is actually at 1.2920. More support levels are […]

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Gold Trading Below $1,700 – Euro/USD Looks Bullish

Gold is trading below $1,700 once again and testing the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement support at $1,671, at the time of this article. The next support level is at $1,650 with an initial target at $1,610. Once the target is reached, then we can further analyze the price action to determine if there will be […]

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Boehner Halted Euro/USD Advance

Euro/USD was advancing nicely above the 1.3000 resistance until U.S. House speaker Boehner said there has not been any substantial progress in the fiscal cliff talks. The currency pair quickly retreated to the 1.2940 support level. From the reaction of the markets on the latest news headlines, it looks like currency pair wants to move […]

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Euro Lower on Greece Package – Equities Next Direction

Overnight, European leaders cleared the path for the $34.4 billion Euro loan installment for Greece. As stated in yesterday’s article, the markets already priced in this latest bailout plan. Initially, Euro/USD gained some ground on the news but failed to stay above the 1.3000 resistance level. At the time of this article, Euro/USD is trading […]

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Economic Impact of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy will have a devastating impact on life and property. However, gauging its ultimate impact on an economy-still struggling to overcome the Great Recession but with substantial resources to overcome adversity-is far more complex than merely adding up insurance payouts and uninsured losses.

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Outdated HKMA Policies Hurt Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has been intervening to keep the HKD within the bottom of the established band of 7.75. In recent days, the strengthening of the RMB is causing a lot of hot money flow into the HKD. The interest rate in Hong Kong is basically at zero, which in theory would make […]

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Fiscal Cliff – A Conundrum for the U.S

[Download Chinese version] The fiscal cliff is a term used to describe the mandatory spending cuts and tax increases that begin in January 2013. This presents a conundrum for the United States government in either allowing the law to go into effect, and possibly drive the nation into a double-dip recession, or pass new legislation […]

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SAFE Magazine 2012/09

We are proud to share with everyone the analysis done by Dixon Fung for SAFE Magazine. [Click to Download PDF] SAFE Magazine is a division of SAFE under the PBOC the Central Bank of People’s Republic of China.

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Rates Stay Low According to Bernanke – Gold Wild Ride

Fed Chairman Bernanke said he will keep rates low even if the economy picks up. He does not expect the economy to remain weak till 2015 but the accommodative policies will stay. He acknowledged that an overall stronger economy will benefit everyone even if the low interest rate policies hurts savers.

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